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Hola, Loverz!

Beholden this crazy french manicure! isn’t it trippy? to me it’s like a harlequin mask like they wear at mardi gras, except with easter colours. OMG! mardi gras is coming up soon! OMG YOU GUYS! i should do a mardi gras manicure! a MARDICURE! and we should celebrate by getting drunk!! and showing people our titties!! oh. well. maybe not that last part. still excited though!!

INSTRUCTIONS : I did this by doing one thin coat of a transparent shiny pink, then i took the green and painted diagonally on the nail, then did the same with the yellow on the other side of the nail, then stuck a leetle jewel on the apex of the pink section. AND YES. i DID just use the word “apex” in an every-day context. 

NOTES : you want to make sure that, when doing the dual-tone “tips”, the nail polish that is MORE SEE-THROUGH is the one you put on first. if you put it on after the more solid colour, you will have to put like a bajillion coats so that it covers the other colour underneath. not only is that really time-consuming, but your polish will become all thick and mucky-looking, and it will take FOREVER to dry. and obviously i have very important things to do other than wait for nails to dry, like…like…umm…TYPING. YEAH. typing. also try to get the “apex” in the centre of the nail so that when you lay down the jewel, it is in the middle of the nail.

That is all! Enjoy!

  1. salutaurevoir said: Ooouuhhh very art deco. Me LIKES - Rebe
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